DC Gun Laws & How To Sell a Gun in DC

Gun laws in Washington D.C. are some of the most restrictive in the country. To make matters worse, residents of D.C. are represented by a delegate in the House of Representatives who cannot vote on the House floor. Further, D.C. residents are not represented in the United States Senate at all. One of the consequences of such a lack of representation is that law-abiding residents of D.C. have little to say about the D.C. gun laws that govern their lives.

CashMyGuns.com makes selling a gun in D.C. easy, legal and safe. In this article we describe the laws that regulate firearms transactions in D.C. and we provide an easy alternative to selling a gun in a D.C. gun store.

Washington D.C. Gun Laws: An Overview

Because the Senate and House collectively dictate the laws that govern D.C., the governing bodies often try to make D.C. an example for states to follow. As such, D.C. must abide by especially rigorous gun laws. As of 2018, the following laws restrict legal gun ownership in one way or another.

• Gun ownership in D.C. requires a valid registration certificate (Source One).
• The gun registration process is burdensome and requires a background check, a Statement of Eligibility and firearms safety training and testing (Source One).
• “Certain firearms [are] unregisterable, meaning they cannot be owned or possessed in the District, including assault weapons, .50 BMG rifles, machine guns and handguns not registered to the current owner prior to September 24, 1976, with certain limited exceptions, including the registration of handguns for self-defense within the registrant’s home,” says the Giffords Law Center (Source One).
• Large capacity ammunition magazines are outlawed in D.C. (Source One).
• Gun purchases require a 10-day waiting period (Source One).
• Citizens of D.C. who are not firearms dealers can only sell their guns to licensed dealers, and only when the unlicensed party has a registration certificate for the firearm (Source Two).
• Concealed carry licenses from other states are not honored in D.C. (Source Two).
• A standard pistol license costs $75 (Source Two).
• Firearm registration costs $13 (Source Two).
• Regarding the two fees above, if the applicant does not have fingerprints on files, an additional $35 is required (Source Two).
• Required training certificates cost between $275 and $340 (Source Two).
• Pistol permits can take up to 90 days to process (Source Two).
• Concealed carry license holders cannot carry more than 20 rounds of ammunition (Source Two).
• CCW holders are not permitted to carry guns in a vast number of places in D.C. (Source Two).
• Loaded guns cannot be carried in vehicles while in D.C. (Source Two).

Washington D.C. Gun Laws: Private Gun Sales

Private firearms transactions must be conducted through a licensed firearms dealer. A registration form must be filled out by the participants of the transaction as well as the firearms dealer. The dealer will conduct a background check on the party purchasing the firearm. The dealer will also retain a record of the sale (Source Two).

Washington D.C. Gun Laws: Dealer Gun Sales

Generally, handguns cannot be purchased in D.C. Federal law requires handguns to be purchased in the state in which a person lives. Because D.C. is not a state, residents must purchase their handguns elsewhere and then have them shipped to a D.C. gun dealer (Source Two).

Your Alternative to the D.C. Gun Store

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