Your Quick Guide to Selling a Gun in Michigan

Selling a gun in Michigan requires adherence to state laws to ensure a smooth and legal transaction for both buyers and sellers. Understanding Michigan’s firearm regulations is crucial to avoid any missteps. Below, we’ll walk you through the key points to keep in mind when selling a gun in the Great Lake State.

Know Your Selling Options: When it comes to selling a firearm in Michigan, you have a few avenues to explore:

  • Sell to a Local Dealer: Selling to a licensed dealer ensures compliance with state laws but might not fetch the highest market value for your gun.
  • Private Transaction: You can sell a rifle or shotgun to another non-licensed individual without a purchase permit. However, for pistol sales, a license is required unless the buyer has a concealed pistol license (CPL). The process involves filling out a pistol sales record or obtaining a license to purchase from a law enforcement agency.
  • Sell to Dunlap Gun Buyers: Dunlap Gun Buyers is a Michigan business, located in Sandusky, MI right in the heart of Michigan’s Thumb. You can drop-off your firearm to our business location or ship your gun at no cost to you. Whichever method you choose, you get the benefit of dealing with a local dealer and receiving a top-dollar price for your gun.

Understanding Michigan Firearm Ownership Restrictions: Certain conditions prevent individuals from owning firearms in Michigan. These include convictions for crimes punishable by over a year of imprisonment, being a fugitive from justice, illegal substance abuse, mental incompetency adjudication, illegal residency status, dishonorable discharge from the military, and more.

Federal Disqualification Categories: Federal laws also impose disqualification categories, including certain convictions, warrants, pre-trial releases for felonies, misdemeanor domestic violence convictions, unlawful substance use, dishonorable discharge, renounced U.S. citizenship, and illegal residency.


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Save the Hassle, Sell to Dunlap Gun Buyers: For a hassle-free selling experience, consider selling your handgun or long gun to Dunlap Gun Buyers. As a Federal Firearms Licensee, they ensure compliance with all regulations. The process is straightforward: get a free gun appraisal, agree on a fair price, ship your gun for free, and receive speedy payment.

Conclusion: Navigating Michigan’s gun laws doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By understanding the regulations and exploring safe selling options like Dunlap Gun Buyers, you can sell your firearm legally and hassle-free. Ensure compliance, stay informed, and make your selling experience smooth and secure.