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When it comes to selling a firearm, we've helped thousands of Americans sell their guns the safe, legal, and hassle-free way. Our streamlined process allows us to offer higher prices and make selling a gun fast and easy. We live by the golden-rule and treat our customers the way we'd want to be treated. From start to finish we aim for a 5-Star experience .

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Customer Reviews

Straightforward, they gave me a quote within minutes and the process was great. They're were very responsive to any questions I had and made the process simple. They notified me of the after inspection offer which I accepted. Even got paid by electronic transfer.I don't make it a practice to sell my firearms, but if I have too again, I'd go with them again!
Robert Brito
Robert Brito
00:19 10 Apr 21
The overall process was very straightforward with easy to follow explanations and instructions. Communication was very prompt and always pleasant. The offer I received for my firearm was quite fair, very competitive with no lowballing or negotiating needed. They paid for all shipping costs and I received the full amount of my payment VERY promptly. It also gave me peace of mind and confidence knowing I was selling my firearm to a licensed/FFL dealer rather than an unknown individual. If I ever decide to sell any other firearms in the future, I will start (and most likely finish) with Great work guys!!
John Fick
John Fick
13:03 06 Apr 21
I tried a local gun shop in hopes of selling on consignment. The shop owner didn't want to fool my guns because he felt he couldn't make enough money upon selling them. He suggested I walk around a gun show with a body sign advertising them for sale. I wouldn't do that just because you really don't know who you might be buying the weapons. So I found Cash My Guns, a FFL dealer, who offered me about what the local shop owner said they would be worth minus the 20 percent the shop owner wanted for consignment. So I now have a bill of sale to a FFL dealer and the peace of mind that whoever buys them in the future will have to pass background checks. CashMyGuns paid for shipping and cut me a check that took about a week to get here via USPS. I am very satisfied with the whole experience.
Frank Ruspoli
Frank Ruspoli
00:38 27 Mar 21
I recently sold my Colt 1911 Gold Cup Pistol with cashmyguns and at first I was skeptical. However, after many research I decided to give them a chance and sell my gun. Let me tell you, it was the most simplest process, and they respond to your emails FAST! I never gotten an email response so quick ever ! I’m confident now that for any other time I need to sell my guns, I can go to them and they’ll write me a decent check and make me happy. Thanks a lot
Santiago Antonio
Santiago Antonio
21:15 26 Mar 21
CashMyGuns is a first-class operation! I'm 58 years old and have done business with hundreds of companies over the years. If all service providers conducted business like CMG did during my transaction, I'd be an extremely satisfied consumer.For those of you who are unhappy about the offer you were given from CMG, you should merely exercise your right to do business elsewhere without complaining and expecting a business to operate on your terms.I submitted 2 guns to CMG for consideration. After I received their offer, I decided to make a deal on one of the guns and decided against making a deal with the other gun. This is just to show those of you who are upset about the offer you were given that people can easily refuse an offer without needing to complain and berate the company.When it came to making the transaction with CMG, the process could not have run more efficiently and smoothly. To begin with, CMG's communication is second-to-none. Not once did I have to initiate any communications. CMG gave me a daily update from start to finish during the entire transaction.CMG will support you throughout the entire process: From the initial offer, to accepting the offer, to shipping and receiving the gun, to the inspection of the gun, to finalizing the sale, and to sending my payment was seamless. CMG never left me in the dark or wondering if I had been scammed. I was never left wondering were we were in the process and always felt good knowing that CMG remained in constant contact with me from beginning to end.I commend CMG for achieving and delivering a high-level of service. I rate CMG in the top 10% of all companies that I have done business with over many years. CMG has earned my trust and business. I confidently recommend anyone interested in selling a gun to first give CashMyGuns the opportunity to provide you with their top-notch service.
J Franklin
J Franklin
06:09 26 Mar 21