Mossberg 940

The Mossberg 940: Innovation Meets Versatility in the Shotgun World The introduction of the Mossberg 940 series represents a significant milestone in the evolution of semi-automatic shotguns, marrying Mossberg’s long-standing tradition of reliability and durability with modern technological advancements. This series has quickly become a favorite among hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical operators for its […]

Norinco NDM-86

The Exclusive Appeal of Norinco NDM-86: A Collector’s Gem The Norinco NDM-86, a Chinese-manufactured version of the legendary Soviet SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle), holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and shooting enthusiasts worldwide. This firearm, known for its precision and reliability, is a sought-after piece not just for […]

Norinco Type 54

The Enduring Legacy of the Norinco Type 54: A Collector’s Perspective The Norinco Type 54, a Chinese military and civilian pistol, holds a distinctive place in the annals of firearms history. Based on the Soviet TT-33, itself a development of John Browning’s basic design, the Type 54 has seen extensive service since its introduction in […]

How Much are Brownells Firearms Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Brownells Firearms? When it comes to firearms manufacturing, Brownells has established a significant presence in the industry, known for its commitment to quality, reliability and innovation. Brownells firearms are not just tools for shooting enthusiasts; they are investments that can appreciate in value over time. This blog explores the reasons […]

Kel-Tec RFB

Kel-Tec RFB: The Bullpup Revolution in High Caliber The Kel-Tec RFB (Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup) stands as a groundbreaking addition to the world of firearms, particularly within the bullpup rifle category. Introduced by Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc., the RFB distinguishes itself by offering the unique combination of a bullpup configuration with a powerful .308 Winchester caliber, […]

Ruger MPR

The Ruger MPR: A Benchmark of Versatility and Performance The Ruger AR-556 Multi-Purpose Rifle (MPR) series has quickly become a benchmark for versatility, performance, and value in the modern sporting rifle market. Introduced by Sturm, Ruger & Co., a company renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, the MPR lineup is designed to cater […]

Remington 3200

The Remington 3200: A Legacy of Over-Under Excellence The Remington 3200, introduced in the early 1970s, marks a significant chapter in the history of American firearms manufacturing. It was Remington’s bold entry into the over-under shotgun market, a segment long dominated by European manufacturers. Designed for competition and field use, the 3200 quickly gained a […]

Beretta DT11

Beretta DT11: The Quintessence of Shooting Excellence In the realm of competitive shooting, the Beretta DT11 stands as a towering achievement, embodying the zenith of Italian craftsmanship, technological innovation, and sporting prowess. Launched as the successor to the revered DT10, the DT11 is meticulously engineered to meet the exacting demands of elite athletes and discerning […]

Beretta 694

Beretta 694: A New Standard in Sporting Excellence The Beretta 694, unveiled as the successor to the highly acclaimed 692 model, has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the world of competitive clay shooting. Designed with direct input from shooting professionals, the 694 series embodies Beretta’s commitment to precision, durability, and ergonomics, making it […]


The FN FN15: A Modern Marvel of Tactical Precision and Heritage The FN FN15 series, crafted by the legendary FN Herstal, embodies the pinnacle of rifle engineering, offering shooters a seamless blend of military-grade reliability and cutting-edge performance. As a civilian counterpart to the firearms trusted by armed forces worldwide, the FN15 translates FN’s storied […]

Beretta 950 BS

The Beretta 950 BS: A Collector’s Guide to Value and Rarity The Beretta 950 BS, also known as the “Jetfire,” is a small semi-automatic pistol that commands a unique position in the world of firearms collecting. Its compact design, reliability, and ease of use make it a favorite among gun enthusiasts and collectors alike. This […]

Tula TT-30

The Tula TT-30: A Collector’s Insight into Its Value and Variants The Tula TT-30, an early Soviet semi-automatic pistol designed by Fedor Tokarev, is a firearm steeped in history and engineering excellence. As one of the initial models preceding the more widely known TT-33, the TT-30 holds a special place in the annals of military […]