Remington 3200

The Remington 3200: A Legacy of Over-Under Excellence

The Remington 3200, introduced in the early 1970s, marks a significant chapter in the history of American firearms manufacturing. It was Remington’s bold entry into the over-under shotgun market, a segment long dominated by European manufacturers. Designed for competition and field use, the 3200 quickly gained a reputation for durability, reliability, and precision. Despite its relatively short production run ending in the early 1980s, the 3200 remains a coveted piece among collectors and shooting enthusiasts. This blog explores the unique value of Remington 3200 shotguns, highlighting specific models that stand out for their features and collectibility, and examines the factors that contribute to their desirability and market value.

Valued Variants of the Remington 3200

Among the various iterations of the Remington 3200, certain models have garnered special attention for their enhanced features, rarity, or connection to significant events in the shooting world:

Remington 3200 Competition: This variant was specifically tailored for the competitive shooter, featuring adjustable combs, precision triggers, and improved barrel selections. The Competition model’s focus on enhancing the shooter’s performance makes it particularly valuable to those involved in trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

Remington 3200 One of One Thousand: A limited production run intended to showcase the pinnacle of Remington’s craftsmanship. Each “One of One Thousand” model was adorned with exquisite engravings, select walnut stocks, and a level of finish that set it apart from standard production models. Its rarity and exceptional craftsmanship make it highly sought after by collectors.

Remington 3200 Premier Grade: The Premier Grade offered shooters an elevated level of aesthetic appeal with detailed engravings, higher grade wood, and gold inlay work. While it shared the same mechanical reliability as other 3200 models, the Premier Grade’s visual enhancements contribute to its higher collectible value.

Drivers of Value

Several factors influence the value of Remington 3200 shotguns, making them prized assets within the firearm collecting and competitive shooting communities:

Craftsmanship and Quality: The Remington 3200 series is renowned for its solid build and reliable performance, traits that stem from Remington’s commitment to quality in its manufacturing processes. Shotguns that maintain their condition and functionality over the years are particularly valuable, reflecting the enduring craftsmanship of these firearms.

Historical Significance: As Remington’s foray into the over-under market, the 3200 holds a special place in American firearms history. Models that were produced during significant periods or in limited quantities carry additional historical value, appealing to collectors interested in the evolution of shotgun design and manufacturing.

Rarity and Exclusivity: Limited edition models like the “One of One Thousand” or the Premier Grade, due to their limited production numbers and unique features, are inherently more valuable. Their rarity makes them highly desirable to collectors seeking to add exclusive pieces to their collections.

Performance in Competition: The 3200’s reputation for excellence in competitive shooting, particularly in trap and skeet disciplines, adds to its value. Models that are known for their precision and have been used successfully in competitions can be more valuable, especially to shooters who appreciate the 3200’s contribution to the sport.

Condition and Originality: The overall condition of a Remington 3200, including its finish, stock, and mechanical parts, significantly impacts its value. Original, well-preserved models that have not been altered or heavily used are especially prized for their collectibility and potential investment value.

In conclusion, the Remington 3200 stands as a testament to American ingenuity and craftsmanship in the realm of over-under shotguns. Its legacy is preserved through the continued appreciation and pursuit of its various models by collectors and shooting enthusiasts alike. From the competitive edge of the 3200 Competition to the exquisite craftsmanship of the “One of One Thousand” and Premier Grade models, each variant of the 3200 offers unique value driven by its quality, historical significance, rarity, and performance. Whether sought after for competitive use, as a collectible, or as a cherished piece of shooting history, the Remington 3200 remains a valuable and enduring symbol of over-under excellence.