Used Gun Buy Back Program is a safe, discreet and hassle-free way to sell and dispose of your firearms. We understand that not everyone is a hunter, collector or gun enthusiast. We also understand that not everyone wants a firearm in their home and many people would rather turn their gun into cash. That’s where comes in.

gun buyback program is a process that allows persons to purchase privately owned firearms. The goal (when purchasing is done by the police) is to reduce the number of firearms owned by ‘civilians’ and provide an easy way for ‘civilians’ to sell their privately owned firearms to the government without risk of prosecution. In most cases, the agents purchasing the guns are local police when purchasing firearms for the government, or they are a program designed to do the same thing,  like CashMyGuns.

Gun buyback programs are designed to remove guns from the community in which it is held by offering compensation for the gun in the form of money, check, or some kind of gift cards. Many states have gun buyback programs in place with a ‘no questions asked policy.’

CashMyGuns buys your new, used, broken and unwanted firearms and helps guide you through the process of doing so safely and legally, because we are in fact, a licensed FFL.

When your gun is received, will inspect and appraise its condition. After it has been appraised and inspected we’ll send you a check for the appraised amount.

If after the inspection and appraisal it is determined that the amount is different from what was originally quoted we will contact you and let you know the official condition of the firearm and what it is worth. You have the option to accept this price or not. Depending on your decision we will either return your gun or send you a check. Super easy.

If you are looking for a safe, discreet and easy way to dispose of a firearm without leaving the comfort of your own home, contact CashMyGuns.