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Your Quick Guide to Buying and Selling a Gun in Illinois

Illinois boasts some of the toughest gun regulations in the U.S., making it vital to understand the laws governing firearm transactions. Dunlap Gun Buyers is providing a quick guide to help navigate Illinois gun laws for both buyers and sellers. Selling Options for Gun Owners Sell to a licensed dealer: Ensures compliance with state laws […]

The Quick Guide to Selling and Buying Firearms in New York

Navigating the labyrinth of New York’s firearm laws can pose challenges, particularly for new buyers and sellers. The process of purchasing or selling a firearm in the Empire State is often drawn-out, demanding and riddled with complexities. With stringent state and federal regulations governing every aspect of firearm sales and transfers, it’s easy to feel […]

The Quick Guide to Selling and Buying Firearms in Texas

In the vast expanse of Texas, where the spirit of independence runs deep, the right to bear arms is cherished and protected. Texas, known for its strong gun-rights stance, has more than a million active holders of concealed handgun permits. However, amidst this backdrop of staunch support for the Second Amendment, it’s essential to understand […]

How Much is a Browning BPS Shotgun Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Browning BPS Shotguns? The Browning BPS (Browning Pump Shotgun) series, with its inception dating back to 1977, stands as a testament to Browning’s commitment to producing firearms of unmatched reliability, durability and performance. Recognized for its solid construction and innovative design, the BPS series appeals to a wide audience, from […]

How Much is a Colt M4 Carbine Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Colt M4 Carbine Rifles? The Colt M4 carbine, a standard-issue firearm for the U.S. military and countless other forces around the globe, set the bar for modern rifle design and effectiveness. Its introduction in the early 1990s marked a significant evolution in the lineage of military rifles, building on the […]

How Much are Glock 17 Pistols Worth?

Why do Gun Owners Like Glock 17 Pistols? The Glock 17, a name synonymous with reliability, durability and versatility, has established itself as a cornerstone in the world of firearms. Originating from Austria and making its mark globally, the Glock 17 has been adopted by military, law enforcement and civilian shooters alike. This 9mm semi-automatic […]

How Much are Glock 19 Pistols Worth?

Why do Gun Owners Like Glock 19 Pistols? The Glock 19, often hailed as the quintessential “compact” pistol, has cemented its status as a versatile and reliable choice for a broad spectrum of shooters, encompassing law enforcement, military personnel and civilians. This 9mm pistol balances size, capacity and performance in a way few other firearms […]

How Much are Springfield Saint Rifles Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Springfield Saint Rifles? In the rapidly evolving world of modern sporting rifles, the Springfield Armory Saint series has carved out a significant niche for itself since its introduction. Combining Springfield Armory’s reputation for quality and reliability with the versatility and performance expected from a contemporary AR-15, the Saint series offers […]

How Much are SPAS-12 Shotguns Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Franchi SPAS-12 Shotguns? The SPAS-12, an iconic shotgun known for its versatility and distinctive appearance, has cemented its place in both the annals of firearms history and the hearts of collectors worldwide. Designed by the Italian company Franchi in the late 1970s, the SPAS-12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun) was originally […]

How Much are FN FS2000 Rifles Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like FN FS2000 Rifles? The FN FS2000, with its distinctive bullpup design and futuristic features, represents a unique chapter in the evolution of tactical rifles. Manufactured by the renowned Belgian company FN Herstal, the FS2000 showcases the innovation and quality that have been the hallmark of FN’s products. Despite its relatively […]

How Much are Beretta 687 Shotguns Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Beretta 687 Shotguns? The Beretta 687, part of Beretta’s esteemed 680 series of over-under shotguns, stands as a fine example of Italian craftsmanship, renowned for its precision, reliability and unparalleled beauty. As a favorite among hunters and competitive shooters alike, the 687 embodies the amalgamation of traditional gun-making artistry with […]

How Much are Kimber K6s Revolvers Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Kimber K6s Revolvers? The Kimber K6s series has swiftly carved out its place in the realm of modern revolvers since its introduction. As Kimber’s foray into the world of double-action revolvers, the K6s blends traditional wheelgun reliability with contemporary design and engineering, making it a standout choice for both defensive […]