Determine the Value of Inherited Firearms with Dunlap Gun Buyers

At times, we find ourselves in the unique and poignant position of being consulted about the disposal of inherited firearms. Understandably, this can be a matter that can be emotionally charged. Sometimes it’s a clear that the decision to part with these possessions, but at other times, there is an attached sentiment that makes letting go of an inherited firearm much harder. Through these transactions, we’ve come to realize that firearms, especially those passed down through generations, carry stories and memories that can outweigh their monetary value.

Recently, a gentleman inquired to sell a vintage shotgun, a family heirloom he inherited. What he specifically inherited was an antique double-barrel shotgun, a piece that had been handled and used by multiple generations of his family since the early 20th century. As much as it carried sentimental value, the family felt they no longer needed it and contemplated selling. Upon our inspection of the firearm through Dunlap Gun Buyers online inquiry, it revealed a well-worn shotgun with tales from more than 90 years of adventures. If it could talk, it would undoubtedly describe tales of bird hunts, recreational shooting and family bonding. The physical condition of the firearm, gauged at a mere 0-10 percent based on the NRA Antique-poor grading, means it has little shooting and monetary value in today’s market. Using modern ammunition would risk damaging it further and operating the gun would risk injury or death. But its wear and tear, in our view, only adds to its charm and narrative. Although its monetary value might not be significant, its value as a touchstone to the past, as a link to family history, made it worth more to him and his family than the market will allow.

We ultimately passed on purchasing the shotgun and advised the gentleman to consider retaining it as a family heirloom. Its value within the family would likely be incomparably higher than what he could get from a sale. He ultimately ended up retaining the shotgun in his family to pass on to the next generation. Sometimes, it’s not about the cash – it’s about the stories, memories and legacy an inherited firearm can bring. There’s no harm in cherishing an old family owned shotgun, allowing it to grace a living space, evoking stories and memories for generations to come.

If you find yourself with an inherited firearm and are uncertain of its value or whether to keep or sell, find if it is valuable or not an inquire with our professional firearm appraisers. Simply upload a few photos that show both sides of your gun, any maker’s marks, model numbers, serial numbers, caliber markings, etc. When we are able to correctly identify your firearm and its condition we can ensure an accurate assessment of its value.