3 Ways to Get the Most Cash for your Gun

Are you interested in earning as much cash as possible for your used and unwanted guns? We’ve decided to put together a few tips that will help our customers make the most of our gun buyback service. Many people have an unwanted firearm in their possession and want to sell it quickly and discreetly. More important than that, they want get cash for something that has a real value.

1. Include Accessories

We pay extra for spare magazines, carrying cases, and firearm attachments like scopes or slings. Having these accessories increases the value of your firearm and helps us confirm its authenticity. Of course, not everyone has these extra parts with their guns so don’t worry if you just have a gun, you won’t get paid any less. Rather, additional parts are added to the set price that we pay for your firearm. If you have any additional accessories be sure to mention them when you are selling your gun.

Be sure to mention that what accessories you will be including so that we can make sure we send you the right size box.

2. Photograph Your Gun

Our trained appraisal experts will be able to determine the exact model and condition of your firearm. Sometimes users will incorrectly identify their gun, which can lead them to believe it’s more valuable than it actually is. If you take photos of your gun and send them to us, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate for your firearm. With a well lit picture of your firearm we can almost always identify your firearm and the approximate condition its in.

It’s best to take your pictures on a light colored, non-reflective surface such as concrete or light colored carpet. You should take a picture of the entire gun and a few close ups. Try to get a picture of any engravings on your gun as they greatly aid us in the firearm appraisal process. Try to also include close ups of the barrel and any wood/plastic components, these are often heavily inspected when appraising a firearm. It’s also helpful to take the pictures in a well lit area, but not so bright that there’s a reflection (like in direct sunlight).

Follow these steps to make sure you know how much cash your gun is worth before requesting a shipping kit.

3. Clean Your Gun

Thoroughly cleaning used firearms is a large part of the cashmyguns.com process. Our refurbishing specialists work hard to get a firearm in the best condition before it is sold. If you take some of that work on, we will pay you more! We don’t recommend attempting this step unless you know what you’re doing. It is very easy to do more harm than good if you clean your gun with the wrong materials. For example, super fine steel wool does a great job of removing tarnish whereas regular steel wool will take off the coating that protects your gun. We often discover that a gun is in much better condition than we originally thought after a thorough cleaning. If you have the know how, clean you gun up and we’ll pay you for your trouble.

Do you want to learn more about selling your used gun for cash? Send us a message by contacting cashmyguns.com and we’ll answer all of your questions.