Cash My Guns: Simple and Safe

As authorized specialists, Cash My Guns is licensed to buy and ship firearms under our Federal Firearms License, or FFL. We strictly follow the laws laid out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and have built a reputation on assisting people in navigating their guidelines. Selling a gun can be daunting; we understand that and have done our best to create a platform that streamlines the process. Overall, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your gun sale will be in trustworthy and knowledgeable hands.

There are real people behind every transaction made with Cash My Guns. We are passionate about firearms and are humbled to contribute to a movement that benefits the gun community. With every gun we buy from our clientele, Cash My Guns donates 5% of the profits made to programs that promote gun safety. This is our way of helping spread knowledge and ultimately prevent gun violence. Safety is not something that we take lightly at Cash My Guns, and it’s this safety culture that has become a pillar in our business model.

In the end, what you want is money in your pocket, and Cash My Guns wants to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. We know that when people are in the market to sell a gun, they want to get paid a fair value for it and want the process to be safe, legal and easy for them.