In the Military and Need to sell a gun? Sell guns online with CashMyGuns.com

At CashMyGuns.com, we are proud to support all branches of the United States Military and we do our absolute best to make the process of selling guns fast, easy and in compliance with all federal regulations. We understand that military personnel have an extra set of rules and regulations to follow that other private citizens […]

Despite the Turbulence of 2020, it was a Great Time to Sell a Firearm!

2020 was a tremendous year for firearms sales. With the presidential election, turmoil form the Global COVID-19 outbreak and civil unrest across the United States, home defense and tactical firearms sales across the nation soared. As the year comes to a close, the team at CashMyGuns.com are still seeing a strong sales market for many […]

Virginia Gun Laws. Looking to Sell Your Gun in Virginia?

From a report done in May 2019, Virginia ranks fourth in the United States for the number of registered weapons. If you are looking to sell your gun, research can be confusing and privately selling your gun can be a hassle. The easiest, safest and most hassle-free way to sell your gun in Virginia is […]

Selling Your Gun is Easier Than You Think

Many gun owners that might have inherited a gun or was gifted one and no longer want it, end up storing a firearm that will never get used. Often times, the gun owner assumes the sale of a firearm is a lengthy and difficult process, so why bother? The internet opens opportunities for all gun […]

How to Sell a Gun Online

We get asked this question all the time. “How do I sell my gun online?”. The short answer is, very carefully. The truth is, guns get used and people eventually need or want to sell them. Knowing how to sell a firearm and understanding the risks and laws beforehand is key to ensuring that you […]

Helping Thousands Appraise and Sell Their Guns Online

Since Cash My Guns started in 2013, we have helped thousands of people sell their unwanted firearms. We give our customers a safe, honest and discreet way to sell used firearms, damaged guns, or just plain not-working firearms with an easy-to-use three step process. Users can browse the site, find the make and model of […]

This is Why People Sell Guns Online with Cash My Guns

Selling used guns online is a fairly new concept within the firearms industry. As a result, many well-established firearms companies still lack the know-how to perform these transfers. Sure, you can donate your unwanted firearm to the local police station and they will take care of it…but what if your gun is worth something? Cash […]

Selling Your Firearm to Cash My Guns

Cash My Guns has become a valuable resource for people who have little familiarity with firearms.  Many people possess unwanted firearms and do not know where to begin when selling them (we get it-selling a gun isn’t something you do every day!). As a valued customer, we want to take the hassle of selling your […]

Cash My Guns: Simple and Safe

As authorized specialists, Cash My Guns is licensed to buy and ship firearms under our Federal Firearms License, or FFL. We strictly follow the laws laid out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and have built a reputation on assisting people in navigating their guidelines. Selling a gun can be daunting; we understand […]

Be Legal and Safe When Selling Your Gun

Selling your firearm can be a safe, quick and easy experience when dealing with a professional and licensed company such as CashMyGuns.com. On the other hand, if you don’t do your homework it could end up being disaster. We want our customers to be informed on the process and will help you navigate this complex […]