Helping Thousands Appraise and Sell Their Guns Online

Since Cash My Guns started in 2013, we have helped thousands of people sell their unwanted firearms.

We give our customers a safe, honest and discreet way to sell used firearms, damaged guns, or just plain not-working firearms with an easy-to-use three step process. Users can browse the site, find the make and model of their firearm and get an instant quote on what we will pay. Users then ship their firearms with supplies provided by and are paid once the firearm has been received.

We understand that not everyone is a hunter, collector or gun enthusiast and that sometimes people own guns but wish they could sell them or get them out of their home easily. We provide a means for people to sell their unwanted firearms quickly, discreetly, and safely. is a United States Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL) and our customers can be confident knowing their firearm will be shipped safely to a trustworthy source. If you have a broken or unwanted firearm in your home contact for a free gun appraisal.