Sell Unwanted Guns

Sometimes having a gun in your home can make you feel uncomfortable. It may have been a hand-me-down or left by a family member, whatever the case,  you don’t want it in your home anymore and that’s fine.

Without proper training and understanding of firearms, there is more liability owning a gun than not. Sometimes the best option for protecting your family is to simply get rid of the gun. Gun ownership is a huge responsibility and not everyone wants that pressure. Luckily is here to help you out. Need to sell your gun fast? No problem, let us know!

No matter the reason for wanting to sell your used firearm, we would be happy to appraise your firearm and let you know how much money we will offer to purchase it. Whether you’re a long-time gun owner who no longer hunts or someone who knows nothing about firearms, we will provide a fair and honest quote for your gun.

Shipping box.

The process of getting paid is easy. Find your gun on our website, request shipping materials at no cost to you, ship the gun, and get paid. There is no hassle, no wait for your gun to be bought co-sign or worries about who the gun is going to. You can be confident knowing your gun is in good hands as we are a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer.

Sell your gun to today!