How to Sell a Gun Online

We get asked this question all the time. “How do I sell my gun online?”. The short answer is, very carefully.

The truth is, guns get used and people eventually need or want to sell them. Knowing how to sell a firearm and understanding the risks and laws beforehand is key to ensuring that you are selling your gun legally.

Knowing how to sell a firearm is important because the sale and transfer of a firearm is most times federally and locally regulated. In other words, the process is more complicated and if you sell your gun to someone who shouldn’t legally own it – you could be held liable.

Don’t worry! is here to make that process safe, easy, and hassle-free. However, if you choose to do this process yourself here are some tips and recommendations to follow.

What is Your Gun Worth?

Your gun is worth what someone will pay for it, plain and simple. If you’re not an expert on valuing guns, find someone who is. Like us! Get a free appraisal and estimate from Cash My Guns – we’re experts and offer this with no obligation. Here are some factors that can help determine a gun’s worth: usage (mileage), rarity, and finally collect-ability. Certain manufacturers and models have more appeal to buyers. Just because it’s old and in good condition doesn’t always mean it’s worth something.

Prepare Your Gun for Sale

It may be counter-intuitive but don’t go crazy trying to clean your firearm. It’s use and wear overtime tells a story and that story is important to discerning buyers. That rustic, well used look is called “patina” and it should be left alone. Many antique firearms have been ruined because of excess cleaning and use of harsh chemicals that owners try before selling their gun. In fact, if you have no experience cleaning a firearm, avoid doing it. If you have an older firearm, don’t clean it – many collectors/buyers want to see the original in all its glory. Generally speaking, a nice wipe down of the exterior of a firearm with a protective gun oil is all you need.

Selling a Gun Privately

If you’re looking to maximized what you will get for your used firearm, selling a gun privately will likely bring you the best price. A trusted family member or friend may be your best bet. However, BE CAREFUL with this. Many states have laws related to private gun sales and if you don’t know or understand the law fully, you could be at risk for doing something illegal. It’s not worth the felony or misdemeanor charge to earn a couple extra bucks. The SAFEST way to sell a firearm is to sell it to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder like They are the ones that the Federal Government has authorized to help the public with ownership transfer of firearms.

Expanding on this further, some states require background checks for private party sales. Some states require an owner ID card to sell a firearm and most states have restrictions on who can own a firearm (e.g., age, mental health, criminal record, etc.). The truth is, there is a lot you need to know and comply with if you choose to sell a firearm to another person as a private party sale. Remember, you always have a choice and if you get a bad feeling about your selling your gun to a certain individual, DON’T DO IT.

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