Ensuring Your Gun is Sold Legally

Lately we’ve received inquiries from users of our website about selling their AR-15 rifles and other firearms and ensuring they don’t get into the hands of the wrong people. We understand the sensitivity and distraught our Country and society faces when tragedy strikes and firearms are used by criminal people for horrific purposes. We acknowledge the importance of keeping firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them and that is a large part of our purpose and mission.

At CashMyGuns our purpose and mission is to provide gun owners with a  safe, legal, and easy way to sell a firearm in the United States. We understand that not everyone who owns a firearms, wants to own a firearm and navigating the process of selling or disposing of a firearm can be daunting task. Rest assured, when you sell a firearm to us we comply with Federal and State laws to ensure that the transaction is done legally and in compliance – ensuring that it is done safely and legally.

How is this done? After users of our website receive an appraisal/estimate of their guns value, many of them choose to sell their firearm to us. We help them through the safe shipping and transaction process,. Once we receive a firearm and have paid the seller, we enter the firearm’s information into a Federally approved log book that details who sold us the firearm and it’s make/model/serial number and caliber. We provide the seller with a official Bill of Sale and a copy of our Federal Firearm License (FFL) to prove and document they sold their firearm to a trusted and legal source. This protects the seller and ensures a clear paper trail of released ownership and liability.

What do we do with your firearms when you sell them to us? We inspect and clean the firearms we buy  and do our best to restore them to the best condition they can be in  Many of the firearms we buy are antiques (50 – 100 years old) and we have a love for restoring them and caring for these pieces of history. We mostly re-sell them to a trusted group of gun collectors and shooting sports enthusiasts, all of which are vetted individuals who must pass all required Federal and State background checks to own a firearm. This ensures they are respected, cared for, and they are now owned by people authorized to own a firearm.

It is our hope and mission for everyone who is selling a firearm, whether you choose to use CashMyGuns.com or another resource, to use a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder that can help them through this process. We believe that this will help prevent firearms getting into the hands of people who shouldn’t own them.

God Bless America and thank you to our customers for letting us help them!