How to Sell an Inherited Gun, Legally

At we get a lot of customers that have inherited a gun. Time passes and they usually don’t want it anymore and would like to sell it. If you’ve inherited a firearm and it’s just collecting dust in your closet with no intention to be used, you might as well sell it! We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and helping “non-gun people” safely, LEGALLY, and easily sell their firearms.

Let us help you start the process! Use this simple form to submit a photo of your gun. WE’ll help you identify it and quickly give you an appraised value. If you’re satisfied with our offer, we send you a free, prepaid shipping kit and instructions on how to safely package and ship your firearm (we’ll even walk you through it on the phone). Once we receive it at our facility we quickly inspect it, process your payment check, and it’s put the the mail (the same day) to ensure you get paid quickly! The whole process usually takes one (1) week!

If you have more questions or need some help – give us a call at (775) 432-6006 or email us at [email protected]!