Ensuring Peace of Mind in Firearm Sales

At Dunlap Gun Buyers, we recognize the importance of sellers’ peace of mind. While our reputation as America’s Most Trusted Gun Buyers is backed by thousands of previous customers reviews on our service, we understand that this may not be enough to convince some sellers that can remain undecided to take that leap of faith. […]

How to Sell a Gun in California: A Comprehensive Guide of California Gun Laws

California gun owners, new or longstanding, know that purchasing or selling a firearm in the Golden State can be an expensive hassle and can hold the buyer and seller liable if the transaction is not compliant with state and federal laws. With some of the strictest regulations in the United States on firearms, navigating them […]

Handguns No longer Eligible on the “Certified For Sale” List in California

California’s Department of Justice is allowing a plethora of “handguns certified for sale” by licensed dealers to be no longer valid beginning in January 2022. Many of the 812 handguns listed on the California’s Department of Justice website as “handguns certified for sale,” including Beretta 92FS, Browning 1911 and Glock 19, have an expiration date […]

Have a Brave Conversation

When it comes to selling a firearm, we’ve helped thousands of good, law-abiding Americans get free appraisals and sell their guns the safe, legal, and hassle-free way. We live by the Golden Rule at Cash My Guns. The Golden Rule doesn’t just apply to saying nice things to people because we want nice things said […]

Ensuring Your Gun is Sold Legally

Lately we’ve received inquiries from users of our website about selling their AR-15 rifles and other firearms and ensuring they don’t get into the hands of the wrong people. We understand the sensitivity and distraught our Country and society faces when tragedy strikes and firearms are used by criminal people for horrific purposes. We acknowledge […]

How Do You Know Cash My Guns is Legitimate?

We recently received a call from an individual wanting to sell a firearm in a safe and legal manner. Jane Doe, we’ll call her, lives in California and wanted to comply with the state’s gun laws when transferring her unwanted firearm. She asked us, “How do I know you’re a legitimate business.” We’re glad she […]

Listen Up! Guns and Your Hearing

Cash My Guns is your best bet when it comes to safely selling your gun(s). As we have iterated time and time again, safety is of great importance when it comes to handling firearms. This mindset should be present in every aspect of gun ownership and use. One thing that is commonly overlooked when shooting […]

Bullet Basics: Calibers, Types, and Terminology

Guns and the projectiles they fire have been evolving alongside each other since the early modern age of firearms. As a result of the variations in firearm design from different parts of the world and constant advancements in technology, bullets have taken on many forms. If you find it hard keeping up with all the […]

Choosing Cash My Guns Over a Private Party

One of the trickier parts in any buyer/seller transaction is agreeing on the price of an item. When you sell a firearm to Cash My Guns, it’s our goal to give you a fair and honest appraisal. We know guns, and we know how much they’re worth. We encourage you to look at our competitor’s […]

Selling Your Firearm to Cash My Guns

Cash My Guns has become a valuable resource for people who have little familiarity with firearms.  Many people possess unwanted firearms and do not know where to begin when selling them (we get it-selling a gun isn’t something you do every day!). As a valued customer, we want to take the hassle of selling your […]