Selling Your Firearm to Cash My Guns

Cash My Guns has become a valuable resource for people who have little familiarity with firearms.  Many people possess unwanted firearms and do not know where to begin when selling them (we get it-selling a gun isn’t something you do every day!). As a valued customer, we want to take the hassle of selling your firearm and make it easy, quick and discreet. Here is how it works:

First, we help you identify what kind of firearm you have. Not sure what it is? No problem. Send us a picture of your gun(s) and we’ll find its make and model. If you already know which gun you have, you’re that much closer to getting cash for it! Once we pinpoint your handgun, rifle, or shotgun, we’ll move you on to the next step.

Next is the exciting part: finding out how much your gun is worth. We will always give you a fair and honest appraisal for it. Our firearms specialists have appraised numerous guns from interested clients, resulting in hundreds of sales off our platform.

In addition to your firearm’s value, we take into account any accessories you have that could increase its desirability. Although we do not buy stand-alone accessories, there are instances where we have bought spare magazines, carrying cases, scopes, slings, etc., that have accompanied clients’ firearms. Not only does this help us confirm the authenticity of the firearm, but it could put more money in your pocket.

Now it’s time to turn the firearm over to us. Cash My Guns will ship you packaging materials, instructions, official copies of our FFL certificate and anything else you may need to ship your firearm to us safely and legally. Safety is our #1 concern. As soon as we receive the gun, you receive your payment!