Responsible Gun Storage

Responsible gun owners know that for their firearms to take care of them when needed, they must care for their firearms in return. One of the main facets of caring for your gun is proper storage. Most gun owners only fire their guns a few times a year – the rest of their guns’ lives are spent in storage. There is a broad spectrum of storage options on the market today. These include, but are not limited to, trigger locks, gun cases, strong boxes/ security cases, locking steel gun cabinets, and finally gun safes. In this post, we’ll go over some of the options that you have to safely store your guns until the next time you’re out on the range.

Trigger Locks: Trigger Locks are the most affordable safeguard for your guns. They prevent unsanctioned users from firing your gun, whether that be your kids or a potential burglar. They do this by providing a barrier that inhibits trigger movement.

Cases: To protect your gun from physical damage and unauthorized use, it’s smart to use a case. Models vary significantly, but most offer some form of foam padding on the inner liner that prevents your gun from experiencing unnecessary wear when it’s not being fired. Models are available in both hard and soft exterior materials.

Strong Boxes/ Security Cases: These alternatives offer a happy medium between cases and locking cabinets. They are small enough to tote around, yet still incorporate reliable locking systems. Strong boxes and security cases are mostly used for handguns, considering rifles and shotguns are usually too long.

Locking Steel Cabinets: Locking steel cabinets are a larger option that can fit rifles and shotguns. The gauges of steel used are still thinner than that of a safe, but this greatly reduces the cost. In addition, they can usually be bolted to the floor to deter theft. Although they cost more than strong boxes, the ability to store several firearms inside makes them a great storage option.

Safes: Safes are the most secure storage option for multiple firearms. They offer a thicker-gauge steel construction and secure locking mechanism. It is slightly more labor intensive to install a safe, but that peace of mind is well worth it if you want to store your guns safely. Simply put, safes are often a great investment if you know you’re going to store guns for the long haul.

The storage option you choose depends largely on the number of guns you own, amount you can spend, and mobility preference. One thing is for certain; gun owners should always store their gun responsibly. All of the aforementioned options offer significant advantages to placing your gun in a shoe box in the closet. As always, when you’re ready to sell your handguns, rifles, or shotguns, Cash My Guns will be here to continue those responsible practices throughout the transfer of your firearms.