Handguns No longer Eligible on the “Certified For Sale” List in California

California’s Department of Justice is allowing a plethora of “handguns certified for sale” by licensed dealers to be no longer valid beginning in January 2022.

Many of the 812 handguns listed on the California’s Department of Justice website as “handguns certified for sale,” including Beretta 92FS, Browning 1911 and Glock 19, have an expiration date of 01/01/23. This means that many of the handguns that are legal for civilians to purchase from a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer may not be legal to purchase moving forward. To see the full list of handguns certified for sale by California’s DOJ, click here

CashMyGuns spoke with the California DOJ about the matter and it said in a statement, “It is not unlawful for an individual in California to possess a legally purchased handgun that was previously on the roster. However, for those that are not on the roster, no new handguns can be sold in the state. Used handguns are generally exempt from that requirement and can be privately transferred.”

The legal text can be difficult to understand for many and may require to be read multiple times to get a better understanding of the law. As of now, CashMyGuns understands the that those who are in possession of those handguns set to expire will still be allowed to continue to own them but will not be able to purchase them from a licensed dealer moving forward.

We are waiting to see what potential actions come from the California DOJ, if there will be a renewal for those guns set to expire and how it will be enforced. As of now, there are no indications that the California DOJ is set to take action on those guns that are set to expire. We will continue to monitor this issue and will provide updates as soon as they are available.

California’s guns laws are complex, convoluted and often contradictory and hard to navigate. For Californians that may find themselves in an uncomfortable situation owning a handgun that is now not on the “handguns certified for sale” list or don’t want to feel like they are potentially breaking the law by being in possession of a handgun no long on the list, CashMyGuns is a great way to discreetly relinquish ownership these guns no longer on the list. CashMyGuns provides fast offers and quick payment to our customers. Not only does CashMyGuns offer fair prices and fast payment, we cover all shipping, transfer fees and all other associated costs buying from customers who use our service. Californians can safely, easily and legally sell handguns to CashMyGuns.com and be 100 percent compliant with California gun laws.