How Do You Know Cash My Guns is Legitimate?

We recently received a call from an individual wanting to sell a firearm in a safe and legal manner. Jane Doe, we’ll call her, lives in California and wanted to comply with the state’s gun laws when transferring her unwanted firearm. She asked us, “How do I know you’re a legitimate business.”

We’re glad she asked this and we hope more people do their diligence in making sure they sell their firearms to someone who is licensed to buy and own them.

Cash My Guns is located in Reno, Nevada and is a subsidiary of D4 Media Corp. We have business licenses in the State of Nevada as well as the City of Reno where we are located. Our owner has an Federal Firearms License (FFL) that allows us to transact in the sale and transfer of firearms in the United States. This is not an easy license to obtain. The process involves background checks and in-person interviews and inspections. We must be in good standing with the local and state laws as they relate to taxes, insurance, fire protection, employment and a host of other requirements. In addition to this, we must maintain a detailed record keeping system of every firearm transaction. We do our best to be 100% compliant with all laws and regulations and spend a lot of our time ensuring this.

If you’d like to further check our legitimacy as a firearms transferrer, do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] to obtain a copy of our FFL license. You can then enter the FFL license number in the search field of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms website using their ATF Online FFL EZ-Check.

Cash My Guns’ goal is to make firearm transfers safe and legal so that you, our valued customers, can be confident in your decision to do business with us. Just like Jane Doe from California, do your diligence in verifying who you are selling a gun to.

To sell a gun, please visit the Cash My Guns website or call (775) 432-6006 to speak with a representative.