Selling Guns Online – How to Sell Your Gun Online

Buying and selling guns online can be a little tricky. Staying on top of the ever-changing gun laws across our nation and the differences among states is difficult to do.

There are various reasons why some people sell their firearms but no matter the reason, we want to make the process of selling guns online safe and easy.

Here’s a quick overview of our process:

  1. Find your firearm’s make and model on our website and see a range of value that you firearm is typically worth. If you don’t know what firearm you own, we have experienced appraisers on staff who can determine your make and model of firearm. You can even submit a picture of your firearm(s)and send it to us to assist in this process!
  2. If you decide to sell your gun to us, we send you free shipping supplies with instructions for safely securing your firearm and shipping it to us. We’ll guide you through the process if you have any concerns and will help to ensure that you are doing so legally.
  3. Once receive your gun we send you a check in the mail!

We are a United States Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (FFL) authorized by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to purchase, receive, and transfer your firearms. We confirm that every firearm transaction will be done legally and in accordance with the provisions of Title I. of the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968.

If you have any questions regarding our FFL, shipping process, or inventory, please don’t hesitate to call!