In the Military and Need to sell a gun? Sell guns online with

At, we are proud to support all branches of the United States Military and we do our absolute best to make the process of selling guns fast, easy and in compliance with all federal regulations.

We understand that military personnel have an extra set of rules and regulations to follow that other private citizens do not. We also understand that as members of the military servicemen and women are constantly on the move and that a Permanent Change of Station may come at any time causing some uncertainty on what to do with privately owned firearms.

A Permanent Change of Station may come at any time and learning that the base personnel are being sent to a base that could have more strict gun laws than the previous station could be a stressful thought. For some, it may make more sense selling personally owned guns to alleviate the hassle of bringing them along and registering them at a new base and in a new state that may have more restrictive regulations. Well, that uncertainty can now disappear as provides a quick and simple way to sell any firearm in an entirely legal way.

To begin a no obligations inquiry on, we ask that potential sellers send in a few pictures of each firearm that service members are looking to sell and some information (make, model, caliber etc.) on the gun(s). After a price is agreed upon for the firearm(s), we will email a pre-paid UPS shipping label and step by step instructions and will assist in the transaction at every step.

We will reimburse all customers completely for any expenses that may be necessary on their end, like a big enough box for rifles or shotguns or purchasing some bubble wrap for extra protection. Once the firearm(s) is picked up by UPS, it will get shipped to the staff who typically receive shipments within seven days. Our team will then evaluate the firearm(s) and send either a mailed check or direct deposit to a bank account. Check usually take five to seven business days to arrive to our customers via USPS. Direct deposits are much faster and can appear as quick as the next business day but no longer than 48 hours.

Before bringing a privately owned firearm to a new base or selling them to us, we would recommend brushing up on the rules in place at the military base personnel are about to make home. Since rules vary from base to base, you may be cleared to bring them in if that is what you want to do. If not, is here to help and give military personnel a fair and honest price for their personal firearms. We have done business with several members of the U.S. military from each branch and are proud to help and provide a speedy, straightforward and lawful way to sell firearms.

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