How to Sell a Gun for the Best Price

It may seem like gun enthusiasts and gun shop owners have the upper hand when it comes to used gun transactions, but that doesn’t always need to be the case. Cash My Guns is a great resource for anyone less experienced with assessing a gun’s value. Our expert gun appraisers and curators know that selling a gun can be a daunting task, and that knowledge is power when it comes to selling your unwanted firearm. Our team would like to help you sell your gun for the best price via our safe, legal, and hassle-free system.

What Preparations Can You Take to Sell Your Gun for the Best Price?

The first step in ensuring that you sell your gun for the best price is to ask yourself, “What is my gun worth?” Cash My Guns has a great article on the subject. In case you haven’t read it, here’s a quick recap of the factors that determine a gun’s value: make, model, caliber, condition, original or modified, popularity, and supply / demand. The same article includes some great gun appraisal resources for those who enjoy sometimes tedious research.

How to Sell a Gun for the Best Price

Next, let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of used gun sales.

• All firearms have some value to the right person. Even if you purchased or inherited what seems to be a junk gun, remember that it can be traded with its value applied towards something that you enjoy more.

• It’s okay to keep and celebrate personal memories that are attached to a gun, but sentimentality only holds value for you. Whether you wish to sell your gun privately, at a gun shop, or via our ridiculously safe and easy mail-in system, the memories you have of a gun won’t increase its monetary value.

Personal memories tied to a gun don’t hold outside value, but communal memories tied to a gun can hold enormous value. If you own a gun documented to have been used by John Wayne in True Grit or any other famous film, you might be sitting on a piece of treasure. Private sale or auction are decent ways to offload a ‘famous gun’, but Cash My Guns just might get you the most bang for your buck.

• The value of a gun will generally depreciate after initial purchase, so when your gun buyer asks you how much you want for it, suggest an amount less than the brand-new price but well above nothing. Asking for too much or presenting no starting bid will quickly identify you as less than knowledgeable.

• A good rule of thumb for your bottom line is to find out what other people who own the same type of gun (same make, model, and condition) are selling it for and then cut that number in half. The going-rate on the internet may be different than the going-rate in your city. A little homework can go a long way, or if you want to make it simple, the Cash My Guns photo-appraisal-system is a breeze.

• Don’t feel pressured to proceed with any gun sale that takes advantage of you. The speed at which you want to sell the gun should be a factor in the price you wish to get for it. If you have the time and patience, 50% of a gun’s new value may be attainable for your mint-condition used gun. 30-40% of original value may be the easier goal to obtain.

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