How to Sell a Gun

Selling a gun can be a complex process if you aren’t familiar with the laws and regulations governing gun sales. State laws regarding firearms and sales and transfers are becoming more stringent and monitored. Depending on your State you may need to have a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) help you with this process and perform the necessary paperwork to facilitate it.

This is where Cash My can help. With a simple three (3) step process we help people who are looking for an easy and legal way to sell their unwanted firearms.

Easy 3 Step Process

Step 1) Find your firearm’s make and model on our website and find out how much you are likely to get paid for it.

If you are unsure what kind of gun you have, that is OK! We have experienced appraisers on staff who can help determine your make and model of firearm. You can even submit a picture of your firearm(s) and send it to us to assist in this process!

Step 2) Fill out your contact information so that we send you your free shipping supplies OR ship it yourself and get reimbursed and get paid more for your gun! We can send you shipping supplies with instructions for safely securing your firearm and shipping it to us.

Step 3) Send us your firearm. Refer to our Shipping Guide for more information. Once received, the gun will be inspected and appraised. Then we send you a check in the mail!