How to Sell a Gun in Georgia

Those of you in Georgia and we here in Nevada are big on state pride. We’re live and let live states that hold our second amendment rights in the highest regard. Georgia, just like Nevada, has plenty of gun shops and gun shows available to sell your guns and gun collections. We’re happy to tell Georgians that there’s an easy new way to sell your guns. If you want to get the best price for your gun using our government approved system, keep reading!


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10 Georgia Gun Laws Related to Selling, Possessing & Purchasing Guns

Gifford’s Law Center is an excellent resource for learning about Georgia gun laws. When you think about which method you should choose to sell your guns, we hope you’ll consider these laws.

  1. Sell to Cash My Guns graphicHandgun dealers and their employees must obtain a state license from the Georgia Department of Public Safety before conducting firearm transactions.


  1. Georgia doesn’t require background checks for gun transactions between private parties … BUT Georgia prohibits those on probation as “felony first offenders” from purchasing guns. Gun ownership is also prohibited for those who receive a conditional discharge for a felony, and of course those who have been convicted of a felony.


  1. Georgia does not: prohibit the transfer or possession of large caliber and large capacity guns; limit the guns you can purchase during one transaction; impose a waiting period on gun purchases; police junk guns; limit ammo sales; force local governments to impose gun restrictions; or compel local governments to deny CCW permits.


  1. Minors under the age of 18 cannot purchase guns in Georgia, but they can legally: attend hunting and firearms safety courses; shoot guns an established gun range; compete in shooting competitions; hunt and fish with guns with proper permits; possess an unloaded handgun if traveling to or from the aforementioned activities; possess a handgun on real property controlled by a parent, legal guardian or grandparent as long as the adult consents; defend himself or herself with a handgun if the use of force is justified and the minor has parent or legal guardian permission. It’s illegal to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly sell or furnish a handgun to a minor (except for the scenarios above). Georgia doesn’t regulate rifle and shotgun use by minors, but federal laws still apply.


  1. Georgia does not police gun ownership and possession as it relates to offenders of domestic violence.


  1. Background checks are not required at gun shows in Georgia, and state law explicitly prohibits local laws from attempting to regulate gun transactions at gun shows.


  1. There are no state laws in Georgia that require licenses to own or possess guns.


  1. The permitted and prohibited conditions for Carrying Concealed Weapons in Georgia are robust. Gifford’s Law Center outlines more than 1600 words that detail the laws related to weapons carry licenses. If you want to conceal a gun in Georgia, we suggest that you read through these laws.


  1. Everyone not prohibited from possessing guns can possess them while inside their own motor vehicles.


  1. Guns are prohibited in school safety zones in Georgia, but a number of exceptions apply. Read about the “guns in Georgia schools” exceptions here.


Should I Sell My Guns? Consider These Factors.

Photo of tank firing with text on top that says, "Get the most bang for your buck."Georgia might not have strict gun laws, but does that mean that it’s easy to get a good price when you sell your gun there?

Because firearms transactions are not strictly regulated in Georgia, it opens the door for private buyers, pawn shops, gun shows and gun dealers to cheat gun sellers out of their money.

Given the sheer volume of people looking to make money on firearms transactions, it can be difficult to get a fair price on your gun or gun collection.

You need a hearty understanding of the gun appraisal process to accurately determine the value of your gun.

Our gun appraisals follow strict guidelines based on: make, model, metal finish, wood & composite finish, overall condition & functionality, rarity and comparative sales. Our appraisals are always fair, and we are always willing to explain our value assessment upon request.

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