Selling a Gun During the COVID-19 / Corona Virus Pandemic

With the world in disarray from the COVID 19/Corona virus pandemic, many Americans have started a pattern of panic buying and selling. In recent weeks items including toilet paper, cleaning supplies, food, firearms and ammunition have been bought in unprecedented quantities.

In these unprecedented times, Americans feel the need to stock up on items they feel are essential to be prepared and ride out this crisis. Though most of the hoarding or panic buying can be harmless and chalked up to pandemonium, those who are purchasing firearms for the first time are now faced with the responsibility that comes from being a gun owner.

Reports of first-time firearm buyers, that didn’t understand the process that one must go through to legally obtain a gun, are now struggling with the task of become familiar and comfortable with gun ownership. Training and familiarization are important parts of responsible gun ownership, but this generally can only be obtained through shooting them and practice. It’s no surprise that most private and public gun ranges as well as training classes are closed and not available at this time. This newfound reality new gun owners are being faced with is a problem and they are reacting to it in different ways.

One way they are reacting is a feeling of buyer’s remorse. Having a gun in the home with no safety training or familiarization makes most people feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They consider their new gun a regretful purchase.

I Panic Bought a Gun, Now I Don’t Want it. What Do I Do?

If you bought a firearm and you’re not comfortable owning it, that’s OK. Regrettable purchases happen to everyone at some point and that’s why most places have return policies. Unfortunately, with a firearm, the same return policies that are typical of other goods generally don’t apply. Here are some options you have:

  1. Ask the retailer you bought it from if they will accept a return. Most gun retailers do not accept returns on guns. They may buy it back from you as a “used gun” and likely it will be for much less that you paid.
  2. Try selling the gun in a private party transaction to another individual. A friend or relative might be a good option. Every state has unique laws regulating the sale and transfer of firearms, so be sure you’re up to speed on your state’s laws before you attempt a private party sale. If done incorrectly, you could face jail time or unnecessary liability.
  3. Sell your gun to a company like who is a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder authorized to help people with the sale and transfer of firearms. Selling a gun through an FFL means there is a “paper trail” indicating that you sold your gun the proper (legal) way and a release of liability/ownership comes with it. You will generally get more for your gun this way than a local gun shop.

The team at are here to handle any inquires to help those who may have second thoughts about their recent panic purchase or those looking to get rid of their gun.

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