US Military Stationed Overseas, Needed to Sell Firearms Quickly

We recently had an inquiry from a US soldier serving on active duty about selling his guns. He had just gotten his orders that he was to be stationed overseas. Unfortunately, this soldier had stored his small collection of firearms at his parents house. He found out later that his parents were not comfortable with the collection of guns in their house and they wanted him to get rid of them.

Since the soldier had already left the country he was in a predicament…until he Googled “Sell my guns” and he found us at After a quick online search he came across our website and submitted some photos of his firearms. We were able to give him an offer that same day and sent two boxes with prepaid shipping labels to his parents’ house in Arizona. We made the process extremely easy for them, helping every step of the way. We helped them to ensure the guns were safe to ship and included the proper paper work for the FFL transfer. We offered to have a UPS driver come and pick-up the boxes at their home but they felt more comfortable dropping them off at a drop-off location minutes away.

Once we received the firearms, we inspected them and put a payment check for the agreed to price in the mail. They received it a few days later.

Both he and his parents were happy and grateful, they even left us a positive review on our Facebook page.

What they needed was a fast, safe way to sell the firearms for a fair price and minimal complication. At, we strive to make every part of the process of selling your used firearm as easy as possible!