Market Values of Used Firearms Shows Growth

In recent weeks and months, with growing concerns over the increasing number of people infected with COVID-19/Coronavirus, many consumer goods have experienced an increase in demand and are being bought in record numbers. As the pandemic grows and supply dwindling on consumer goods, it has caused prices to climb. Guns are not an exception to this new reality.

Recently, firearms that had stagnant values have begun to increase sharply in value. Consumers seem to be more interested in “home defense” style firearms such as concealable pistols, shotguns and AR-15 type rifles.

Auction-style websites show sales prices of home defense style guns have been steadily rising since the outbreak became more serious. For example, some used pistols are being sold for more than they are sold brand new. Lower value shotguns are worth about $100 more than they were a few months ago.

Budget oriented AR-15s are also climbing in value and there is a general resurgence of demand for AR-15 style rifles. It wasn’t that long ago when these types of rifles had stagnated values because of market over saturation of this style of rifle. But in these unprecedented times, the public seems to have an insatiable demand for them once again.

The bottom line is that demand is currently outpacing supply for typical home defense firearms as this virus continues to ravage nations and communities from all over and only seems to be something to deal with in the immediate future.

While values are high, now might be a good time to cash in on unwanted firearms that gun owners may possess.

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