Your Quick Guide to Buying and Selling a Gun in Illinois

Illinois boasts some of the toughest gun regulations in the U.S., making it vital to understand the laws governing firearm transactions. Dunlap Gun Buyers is providing a quick guide to help navigate Illinois gun laws for both buyers and sellers.

Selling Options for Gun Owners

  • Sell to a licensed dealer: Ensures compliance with state laws but may fetch less than market value.
  • Private transaction: Requires verification of the buyer’s Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card by contacting the Department of State Police.
  • Surrender to law enforcement: Legal disposal option but may result in lost potential value.
    Requirements for Purchasing Firearms in Illinois:

How to Legally Purchase a Firearm in Illinois?

Minimum age to purchase: 18 for rifles and shotguns, 21 for handguns.
All buyers must possess a valid FOID card.
Complete ATF Form 4473 and undergo a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check when purchasing from a licensed dealer.
Local firearm ordinances may apply, so check with your municipality.
Buyers must abide by the state waiting period: 24 hours for long guns, 72 hours for handguns.

Illinois Firearm Ownership Restrictions

The Protect Illinois Communities Act, enacted in 2023, regulates assault weapons, restricting ownership based on specific features and capacities.
Illinois imposes additional state restrictions, disqualifying individuals based on mental health history, drug use, criminal convictions, and citizenship status.
Federal Disqualification Categories:

Convictions exceeding one year, warrants, pre-trial release for felonies, misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence, substance addiction, dishonorable discharge, renounced citizenship, and illegal alien status.
Navigating Illinois firearm laws requires diligence and understanding to ensure legal compliance and responsible ownership.

For more detailed information visit our comprehensive guide to Illinois’ gun laws by clicking here.

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