Need to Leave the Country? Selling a Gun Quickly

Cash My Guns has been helping customers sell their guns and unwanted firearms all over the country for awhile, now, and during our time in the business we’ve heard just about every story there is to hear about why our customers need to get rid of a gun, how they inherited a gun but have no use for it, or simply, just leaving the country and need to sell a gun.

We recently had a customer contact us about selling firearms quickly due to a job change that required him to leave the country. We gave him an estimate for his firearms, we paid for the shipping to ship his guns to us and we sent him a check for his guns all in four days.

He was happy and was just what he was looking for; a safe, legal, discrete, and quick place to sell his guns before he left the USA.

In most cases, taking your firearms with you if you are moving to another country isn’t possible; in most cases it is illegal.


We heard one story about a moving company accidentally shipping a customers firearms (that were supposed to remain in storage) into a shipping container with their household goods. The owner, already living in the country, had to go down to Customs to receive the shipping container. Customs had looked through the contents, found the firearms and incarcerated the gentlemen for three months. It took an attorney, a U.S. Congressman and lots of money to get him freed.

You don’t want this to happen to you!

At we offer a simple, easy, discrete and legal method of disposing and selling firearms. We help you identify the firearm, ship it, appraise it and pay you quickly. No cost to you, and top dollar.

If you are looking for an easy way to get cash for guns, try us today! We are confident that we will make the process easy for you and you can sleep well knowing that you have disposed of your gun legally.