Sell Antique, Old, Broken, Used Handguns and Pistols

At we pride ourselves in identifying and appraising the value of antique, old, broken and used handguns and pistols. It can be a difficult task but we make it simple, safe and easy for you. There are several factors that can determine the cash value of antique, broken, or used handguns, pistols, revolvers and single shot guns. Our Federal Firearm Licensed staff can help identify and appraise the value of your handguns and help you determine if it is a handgun that has cash value and that you’d like to keep or sell.

When selling a handguns you should consider who you are selling it to and ensure it is someone who can legally and lawfully accept and own a firearm. You can trust We are a United States Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder and have been approved by the ATF to ship/receive and transfer firearms in the United States.

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