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How Much is a Luger Worth?

Why Do Gun Owners Like Lugers? The Luger pistol, known for its unique design and historical significance, is a collector’s dream. This iconic firearm, designed by Georg Luger, has left an indelible mark on the world of handguns and helped define a turbulent era. The Luger’s historical significance cannot be overstated. It was the standard-issue […]

What is my Webley Firearm Worth?

Why do Gun Owners like Webley Firearms? Webley & Scott a renowned name in the firearms industry, is one of the oldest manufacturers in the gun industry with almost two centuries of production of some of the most famous firearms the world has ever seen. Webley was founded in the late 18th century by William […]

What is My P.38 Pistol Worth?

Why do Gun Owners Like P38 Pistols? Amongst the most successful designs of handguns in the mid-20th century, the Walther P.38 served faithfully in the forces of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War and in numerous police forces post war. Operated by a short recoil, hinged locking piece assisted breechlock and featuring an open […]

Selling a Gun on Consignment

We here CashMyGuns believe in giving an honest and fair price for unwanted firearms for our customers. We do realize that sometimes our customers are looking for a consignment arrangement to sell their gun. Thankfully there is an alternative that is just as effortless as CashMyGuns! For those who have a top-dollar firearm and want […]

Your Gun’s Natural Patina is Valuable

The patina or natural worn finish on your firearm may actually be an important part of its value. With older antique firearms, that slightly worn finish that acquires with age, use and exposure is sometimes an essential part of it’s collectibility, history and preservation. It takes years of handling, oiling and age to develop a […]

What is a Blued Finish?

If you type “blue steel” in your internet search bar, you’re going to get two main results. The first is Ben Stiller’s character from the movie Zoolander, and the other involves the finish on a gun. Bluing is a passivation process of treating steel to prevent rust. The chemical process results in a blue-black finish, hence […]

The Colt M1911 Pistol

Recently, a client of ours sold us a real beauty of a gun – a Colt M1911 pistol. This fabled firearm has seen action in several armed conflicts throughout history and made a name for itself on the civilian market as a sharpshooter. When a gun like this comes into Cash My Guns, we love […]

Customer Inherits WWII Era Guns

One of our more notable buyer/seller experiences came from Robert who’s grandfather died and left him a trunk suit-case of old handguns. The guns were mostly WWII era handguns, some very valuable and he was searching for a way to safely sell them. Since we’re interested in stories and history of older firearms and it […]

What Makes a Gun Collectible?

Maybe you just inherited your grandparents’ homestead shotgun, maybe you’ve held on to your trusty rifle since your 12th birthday, or maybe you just bought a gun second-hand and think it’s something special. Whatever the scenario, one of the most commonly asked questions we are asked is, “Does this gun have any collector’s value?” Before […]

Selling a Smith & Wesson Revolver – A True Story

Smith & Wesson (S&W) has been producing guns since 1852 and has become an iconic symbol of American firearm history. Their 165+ year history of manufacturing firearms means there have been numerous models and variations, some quite valuable. One of their post popular and most valuable types of guns are their revolvers. With such a […]