Potential “Assualt Weapons” ban in Virginia

how to sell my gun in virginiaAn “assault weapon” ban backed by Gov. Ralph Northam banning the sale of “military-style” firearms predominately used in recent mass shootings is a key element of the gun control agenda Virginia democrats have been pushing since taking control of its State Legislature. However, there is no clear position of how legislators intend to deal with legally purchased firearms already in circulation.

In the Virginia bill’s current form introduced by Richard L. Saslaw, SB 16 would make it a felony to possess a pistol, rifle or shotgun that falls under its “assault weapon” definition after the bill takes effect. The way the bill is drafted currently doesn’t appear to make exceptions for gun owners who already own them.

Specifics have yet to be laid out and nothing has been signed into law yet. However, previous proposals defined “assault weapons” as any semiautomatic rifle or pistol with a fixed magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds and any shotgun that has a capacity greater than seven rounds.

Firearm Transactions in Virginia

The Virginia Department of State Police developed and administers the Virginia Firearms Transaction Program (VFTP) that provides a point-of-sale approval or disapproval decision regarding the sale or transfer of all firearms. The program, enacted in 1989, was the first of its type in the nation as the Central Criminal Records Exchange organized by the Virginia State Police is one of the most complete record repositories in the nation.  For private sale transactions, the State Police upon request, will provide background checks at firearm shows in Virginia for the sale or transfer of handguns or long guns. The prospective purchaser must provide written consent permitting the State Police to perform the records check by completion of a Virginia Firearms Transaction Consent Form. For a voluntary check in a private transaction, both buyer and seller must be a resident of Virginia. While the process can require multiple steps and processes, it is important to confirm your gun will end up in the right hands.

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