Selling a Gun Private Party or on Craigslist or eBay

Guns are a large part of our culture and lifestyle as Americans. As a responsible gun owner you might wonder how to sell an unwanted gun safely. Many people first think of “Craigslist” or “eBay” for selling unwanted goods online, but don’t realize that those marketplaces don’t allow firearm sales. Others think of local classifieds or pawnshops for selling used items.  While these are possibilities, a gun sold to the wrong person is a consequence you never want to face.

Dangers of Selling a Gun Private Party

If you’re not concerned about meeting an unknown or anonymous individual to sell an unwanted gun, you should be. Criminals prey on law abiding citizens and often times firearms get into the hands of a criminal by being inadvertently sold to them in a private party transaction. With Cash My Guns, your safety is our priority and we will take care of the safe and legal the transfer of ownership for you.

Take the burden off your shoulders of letting your firearm get into the wrong hands. Cash My Guns is licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Our company is here to make sure your gun ends up in good hands and that there are no unexpected repercussions down the road for you. Cash My Guns promotes gun safety and awareness as we donate 5% of every gun bought back to programs that promote gun safety and prevent gun violence. You are helping to create a safer and more responsible community of responsible gun owners when using Cash My Guns.

Selling a Gun can be a Hassle

Selling anything can be a hassle but what motivates consumers is that cash or check that comes from it. Cash My Guns makes the sales experience easy and hassle-free. We pay for all shipping and transfer costs and send you a check payment quickly. Simply follow our three easy step process to start selling your gun. Step 1: find your firearms make and model for appraisal and send us a photo of your gun. Step 2: we will make you an offer and pay for all shipping costs. Step 3: We receive you gun and send you a payment check and official Bill of Sale. It’s that simple!

Sell your guns the smart and safe way, give us a call or visit our website to get started now!