How to Sell a Gun in Pennsylvania

We at Cash My Guns purchase new and used guns from hard-working Americans. We’re also a resource for information surrounding the purchase, possession and ownership of guns. We’re not attorneys; we’re firearms enthusiasts that wish to clarify difficult to understand and confusing gun laws. As avid supporters of the second amendment, we do our best to help fellow members of the gun owner community understand the gun laws in their areas. We advocate for strong gun safety and adherence to the letter of the law. We hope this article will aid you in complying with Pennsylvania gun laws. Specifically, we’ll explain how to sell a gun in Pennsylvania, which laws you need to keep in mind and an assessment of the options at your disposal.

Pennsylvania Gun Purchasing Laws

Pennsylvania laws concerning the definition of what a firearm is depends on which subsets of law you are looking at. Additionally, your right or absence of right to carry a gun in a car in Pennsylvania depends on whether the gun is loaded or unloaded and whether you have a license to carry a firearm. Finally, the repercussions for violating the relevant laws for carrying a gun in a vehicle are equally confusing.

What’s the takeaway?

Your ignorance of confusing Pennsylvania gun laws doesn’t allow you to break said laws. Even if you inadvertently break these laws, you can face serious repercussions including but not limited to a misdemeanor of the first degree (results in up to 5 years in prison) or a felony.

Adam Kraut, host of the show, The Legal Brief, touched on the confusing nature of Pennsylvania gun laws when he said the following.

“… the PA legislature, in all of its wisdom, defined the term firearm in several different places throughout the law, which means that you need to know where to look to understand what is being referred to.

The term firearm means something different when we’re talking about a general definition versus when we’re referring to what a prohibited person under PA law can possess, etc. And as you may have guessed, it doesn’t exactly match up to federal law either.”

Here is some great information from actual attorneys at Gifford’s Law Center regarding the legalities of gun purchases, ownership, sales and carrying in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Among other things, Pennsylvania:

• Requires a background check prior to the unlicensed sale of a handgun;
• Conducts its own background checks when licensed dealers sell firearms;
• Requires firearm dealers to obtain a state license;
Prohibits straw purchases, a common source of illegally trafficked firearms, and has a “Straw Purchaser Education Program”;
• Maintains a state database of information regarding the sale handguns and certain other types of firearms;
• Requires licensed dealers to include locking devices when transferring handguns or short-barreled rifles or shotguns.

However, Pennsylvania does not:

Burdensome Pennsylvania gun laws graphicRequire a background check when an unlicensed person sells a rifle or shotgun;
• Require gun owners to report if their guns are lost or stolen;
• Allow courts to issue protective orders to prevent dangerous people other than domestic abusers from having access to guns;
• Have laws to prevent children or other unauthorized people from having easy access to unlocked firearms;
• Allow local governments to regulate firearms or ammunition;
• Prohibit the transfer or possession of assault weapons, 50 caliber rifles or large capacity ammunition magazines;
• Require firearm owners to obtain a license;
• Require the registration of firearms;
• Regulate ammunition sales; or
• Provide local law enforcement with discretion to deny a license to carry firearms.”

We don’t know about everyone else, but we at Cash My Guns get frustrated when it seems like lawmakers make it intentionally difficult to know what is legal and what is illegal regarding firearms. In our minds, laws should be designed to deter and penalize criminal behavior. We’re also of the opinion that laws should not be written to trap law-abiding gun owners with tricky language.

Based on what we know of gun law in Pennsylvania, it seems that even those who wish to follow the letter of law may inadvertently fail to do so.

If you prefer not to navigate the complexities and nuances to gun control laws in Pennsylvania, you can quickly and easily sell your unwanted firearms to Cash My Guns.

Venues for Selling a Gun in Pennsylvania

Those wishing to sell a gun or a gun collection in Pennsylvania have multiple methods at their disposal. In this section we look at the pros and cons to each gun sale method.

Cash My Guns:

Pros: Our process is easy, safe, discreet, legal and fast. We’ll always give you a great value for your unwanted firearm. We pay for your shipping supplies. We allow you to track your gun shipment during the entire process. Our customer service team will respond to you in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Cons: Although our turn-around time is lightning fast, we’re unable to offer same-day sales. Once we agree on a price for your firearm, we mail you shipping supplies at no cost to you. Then you mail your firearm to us. Once we receive and confirm the identity of your firearm, we cut you a check!

Get the most bang for your buck graphic with a tank firingPrivate Party:

Pros: This method allows for same-day sales.

Cons: Private party sales often result in a disparity between what is fair and what is desirable. Each party has a tendency to seek the “lopsided deal” without providing a solid rationale. In other words, it can be difficult for two private parties to agree on value. The location of the transaction can be contentious. One party may desire the transaction to occur in a public place, whereas the other party may wish to conduct the transaction at a private residence.

Gun Shop / Pawn Shop:

Pros: This method can allow for same-day sales.

Cons: Obtaining a loan via pawning your gun will always come with a steep interest rate. Consigning your gun to a pawnshop via a shared-profit agreement can be fruitful, but the payout can take months. Selling your gun to a pawnshop might be fast, but you’ll only receive a maximum of 30% of the gun’s value. Oftentimes, you’ll receive much less than that. Further, pawnshops might require your fingerprints and other intrusive information. You might get a slightly better deal at a gun shop, but there, too, the gun shop has a vested interest in purchasing your gun for a low price and re-selling it for a high price.

Gun Show:

Pros: You will likely find a multitude of vendors interested in purchasing your gun. You can probably receive cash for your gun the same day that you sell it.

Cons: Vendors at gun shows can be sharks when it comes to wheeling and dealing. Because there are so many opportunities at a gun show, vendors are often interested in conducting transactions quickly. You don’t want to be pressured into a transaction until you feel comfortable. Many opportunities may sound attractive, but you might experience choice paralysis. What if vendor-6 will offer you a better price than vendor-4? What about vendor-26?

Gun Buy-back:

Pros: Some churches, organizations, police departments and cities will offer gift cards or other monetary incentives in exchange for unwanted firearms.

Cons: Some cities will destroy the guns surrendered in this process, whereas other cities will resell the guns to replenish public funds. If you want the gun to survive after your ownership, you may want to choose another method. Generally speaking, you aren’t paid a fair value for your gun at these events.


Pros: This method allows many prospective buyers to look at your firearm.

Cons: There is a fee associated with creating a listing on their site. Creating the listing itself can be burdensome. Your gun will be one among many guns being sold by savvy sellers. If some aspect of the transaction or process gets confusing, this organization is known for extremely slow response times. Similarly, if an error occurs during the process, good luck wrangling a member of their customer service team.

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