Avoid Paying Transfer Fees when Selling Guns with CashMyGuns.com

Here at CashMyGuns.com we understand how difficult it can be to sell a firearm. With different laws and fees varying from state to state it can be a major headache to deal with. However, while using CashMyGuns.com the troubles of selling a gun are in the past. All transfer fees are covered by us regardless of what state the firearm(s) is being sold from. Our process is designed to cover all the necessary fees that are associated with selling a gun. We will also pay for all shipping and insurance costs that arise. Using CashMyGuns.com allows those looking to sell their firearms the ability to do so headache free and without having to spend a penny.

The legal transfer of guns can be confusing and stressful to some people, but we are able to make it a smooth and easy process. It also seems a bit ridiculous to have to pay to be able to sell a gun. Each state differs in the amount that they charge for the legal transfer of guns, however regardless of where you are selling from, we will cover it 100 percent. We are licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to help people in the purchase, sale and transfer of firearms in the United States. We follow the rules laid out by the ATF that regulate the legal transfer of a firearm that releases seller’s liability. Sellers can rest assured knowing that their gun was sold legally and is now in trustworthy hands.

To begin an inquiry at CashMyGuns.com, we ask that sellers to send in a few pictures of each firearm and some information (make, model, caliber etc.) on the gun(s). After a price is agreed upon for the sale of the firearm(s) we will email a pre-paid UPS shipping label and step by step instructions to guide sellers through our process. We will also reimburse customers for any expenses that may be necessary on their end, like a big enough box for your rifle or shotgun or some bubble wrap for extra protection.

We are also able to schedule UPS to pick up shipments from the seller’s home for no additional charge if dropping off a firearm through UPS is not a viable option. Once the firearm(s) arrives at our facility, we will evaluate the gun(s) and send either a mailed check via USPS or give a direct deposit to a bank account that will arrive as quick as the next business day. Sellers can literally go through the entire process and get paid without ever leaving the comfort of home.