How to Sell a Gun, Your Options

Are you looking to sell your firearm? Maybe you just don’t want to keep it inside your house, or you inherited a firearm that you don’t want, or you are concerned with the new gun laws and restrictions in your state. Whatever the reason may be, you want to sell your firearm, but how do it safely and legally?

State laws can be tricky, and they can vary by state. As gun owners, we all have to make sure that we do our part to safely and legally sell our firearms.

You could sell your firearm to a local pawn or gun shop. It can be intimidating for some people to carry your firearm outside into the public and to make sure you are transporting it legally. Not to mention that in general, pawn shops and gun shops don’t pay the best prices for used firearms.

You could sell your firearm private party, but you have to take extreme caution if going this route. Unfortunately there are people out there who can’t acquire a firearm legally (meaning they can’t pass a criminal background check). These people are typically willing to pay a higher price for a firearm that they can acquire from a private party. We hear stories about how criminals get guns, unfortunately it’s sometimes from nice people who have good intentions about selling a gun but don’t have the tools to verify who they are selling it to.

You can try to sell them yourself online, but the same challenges exist when selling it to a private party and you’ll have to navigate the hassles of shipping a firearm yourself. Not to mention navigating the legalities of selling and shipping a firearm legally.

As another alternative, you can’t go wrong with doing business with We offer the fastest, safest, and most discrete way for you to sell your firearms legally. How do you get started? Send us an email at [email protected], or give us a call at 775-432-6006. We will be happy to assist you in selling your firearm, and we do all the hard work that usually takes time and money for you to sell a gun yourself. We work as a licensed FFL by the United States Government to oversee the buying and selling of firearms from the public and give you an opportunity to sell an unwanted firearm safely, easily and legally.