How Do You Know Cash My Guns is Legitimate?

We recently received a call from an individual wanting to sell a firearm in a safe and legal manner. Jane Doe, we’ll call her, lives in California and wanted to comply with the state’s gun laws when transferring her unwanted firearm. She asked us, “How do I know you’re a legitimate business.” We’re glad she […]

Choosing Cash My Guns Over a Private Party

One of the trickier parts in any buyer/seller transaction is agreeing on the price of an item. When you sell a firearm to Cash My Guns, it’s our goal to give you a fair and honest appraisal. We know guns, and we know how much they’re worth. We encourage you to look at our competitor’s […]

Cash My Guns: Simple and Safe

As authorized specialists, Cash My Guns is licensed to buy and ship firearms under our Federal Firearms License, or FFL. We strictly follow the laws laid out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and have built a reputation on assisting people in navigating their guidelines. Selling a gun can be daunting; we understand […]

New California Gun Law Forces Owners to Sell High-Capacity Magazines Out-of-State

On November 8, 2016, California voters approved Proposition 63, which further restricts California’s gun laws. If you live in California, via Proposition 63, you must now pass a background check before you are able to purchase ammunition. Individuals and businesses must obtain a one-year license from the California Department of Justice to sell ammunition. Proposition […]

New Laws in California Mean You May Need to Sell Your Guns

Under the new bills signed by California Governor Jerry Brown, starting January 1st of 2017, more guns will now be labeled as an assault rifle. Looking to sell your guns before the new California Laws go into effect? We at can help. As a United States Government approved Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, we […]

How to Sell an Inherited Gun, Legally

At we get a lot of customers that have inherited a gun. Time passes and they usually don’t want it anymore and would like to sell it. If you’ve inherited a firearm and it’s just collecting dust in your closet with no intention to be used, you might as well sell it! We pride […]

Be Legal and Safe When Selling Your Gun

Selling your firearm can be a safe, quick and easy experience when dealing with a professional and licensed company such as On the other hand, if you don’t do your homework it could end up being disaster. We want our customers to be informed on the process and will help you navigate this complex […]

The Essential Guide to Legal and Safe Firearm Sales with Dunlap Gun Buyers

In the world of firearms, the transaction of selling a piece can often seem wrapped in a haze of legal intricacies and safety concerns. As a responsible gun owner, when the time comes to part with a firearm, understanding the importance of the sales regulations in place when entering a private transaction. Whether it’s a […]

How to Sell a Firearm Safely and Legally on the Internet?

The complexity of selling firearms can be daunting due to the number of legal stipulations and safety considerations. Yet, the digital age has greatly simplified this intricate process. A question we often encounter is, “Is it legal to sell your gun on the internet?” The concise answer: YES, it’s perfectly legal. For a more comprehensive […]

Sell a Gun Legally for a Fair Price with Dunlap Gun Buyers

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of rules and regulations, selling a firearm has become a nuanced and challenging endeavor. It isn’t just about finding a buyer; it’s about ensuring the sale adheres to the stipulated legal framework. Each state, with its unique regulations surrounding firearm sales and transfers, is in constant change and keeping up with […]

Inheriting Firearms: A Guide to Legal and Safe Sales with Dunlap Gun Buyers

In the myriad of emotions and responsibilities that come with losing a loved one, there’s a unique set of challenges for those who inherit firearms. Whether it’s a cherished heirloom or a collection amassed over decades, dealing with guns can be a daunting task, especially if one isn’t familiar with the nuances of firearm regulations. […]